Dr. Hemant Purohit

Dr. Hemant Purohit

Chief Scientist, Environmental Biotechnology & Genomics Division,
National Environmental Engineering Research Institute
(NEERI), India.

Microbial genomics of different ecological niches

Study of metagenomics is survival, co-existence, interaction, and cross -talking of different genes in an ecological niche. Dynamically, the microbial community structures in such environments are dictated by the availability of organic carbon, energy source, and changes in biochemical environment. There are different factors, which allow the different microbes to survive together; and one of the most crucial is community metabolism where the metabolites produced and accumulated under different scenario provides the rules for co-existence. Under defined environmental conditions, these communities show consistent performance with dominance of functionally correlated genes, and which are provided through plasticity in taxonomic abundance.

In my lab, we are working with different ecological niches/models:

       (i) Evolution of metagenome under different oxygen level or substrates in continuous reactor.

       (ii) Stratification of microbial community in anaerobic plug flow reactor.

       (iii) Colonization of different complex carbohydrate hydrolozing enzymes in camel gut fed with different types of feeds.

       (iv) Microbial communities in herbivorous v/s carnivorous animals.