Dr. S.Shivaji

Dr. S.Shivaji

Director, Prof Brien Holden Eye Research Centre,
LV Prasad Eye Institute, Hyderabad, India.

Dr S Shivaji retired as a Director-grade Scientist from the  CCMB, Hyderabad in 2012. Currently he is the director of Prof. Brien Holden Eye Research Institute, Hyderabad, India.

Research Interests

His research interests include microbial diversity of cold habitats, molecular basis of cold adaptation, mammalian sperm fertilizing ability and conservation of endangered animals. His major contributions in bacterial biodiversity  include the discovery of 8 new genera  and 82 new species of bacteria from Antarctica, Arctic, Himalayas, Stratosphere etc. and identification of three genes involved in cold adaptation. At L V Prasad Eye Institute, his research is centered on antibiotic resistance in ocular microbes  and characterization of the ocular surface and gut microbiomes of normal  and individuals with keratitis, uveitis, diabetic mellitus and diabetic retinopathy.

 Academic and professional accomplishments

He is a fellow of National Academy of Sciences, India, Indian Academy of  Sciences, India,   Telangana  Akademi of Sciences, India, and Fellow of the Association of Microbiologists of India. He is a recipient of  the Antarctic Award in Biological Sciences (2002) and  the  National Award in Polar sciences and Cryosphere (2016) by Government of India.  He is also a recipient of the first Carl Woese Memorial award, 2014, by AMI, India.  His other awards include  Prof L S Ramaswami Award (2010), Prof T C Anand Kumar Award (2013) and Prof  N R Moudgal  Award (2014)  by ISSR, India,  for his contributions in conservation and reproductive biology.

He has published 350 research papers and 2 books.