Dr. Yogesh Shouche

Dr. Yogesh Shouche

Principal Investigator, National Centre for Microbial Resource (NCMR),
National Centre for Cell Science (NCCS), India.

Dr.Yogesh Shouche currently heads the National Centre for Microbial Resource (NCMR) at National Centre for Cell Science (NCCS), Pune India. He has a research experience of 28 years in the field of microbial ecology, microbial molecular taxonomy and biodiversity. He has to his credit more than 330 publications in reputed journals of relevant area and has been the editor and reviewer of publications in journals like FEMS Ecology, International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology, Microbial Ecology and others.

Research at the YSS Lab focuses on

  • Determinants shaping the microbiome composition in Indian population.
  • Eco-physiology of gut microbial members.
  • Role of gut microbial community in healthy individuals.
  • Microbial diversity of extreme environments.
  • Role of microbiome in partially understood gastrointestinal and respiratory diseases and metabolic disorders.

Recently, his group has proposed the Indian Human Microbiome Initiative, aimed at studying microbiomes of indigenous populations to enhance our knowledge of the distinct features of the Indian Microbiome and its evolution with host specificity. Studying the microbiomes in Indian population pose a unique opportunity given the diversity of diet, geography, ethnicity and presence of many endemic tribes

About NCMR

With more than 180,000 microorganisms (archaea, bacteria, fungi including yeasts) in its collection at present, NCMR is the single largest culture collection in the world, and has put India in the top three countries with the largest collections after USA and Japan. NCMR is the most unique culture collection as a major part of its collection is from diverse ecological niches of India, such as soils from Western Ghats, North East, mangroves, marine environment, industrial effluent polluted sites, and insect guts.